Favorite syncs part 1

Let’s talk favorite syncs in movies today…

Besides this being my favorite. movie. ever. Almost Famous also contains one of the best syncs ever with the inclusion of Elton John’s Tiny Dancer on the tour bus the morning after Russell quits the band, crashes a midwestern house party, trips on acid and is inevitably picked up by the band the next morning. It was the perfect song and the perfect moment to bring the band and the band aids back together after a near break up. Now sing along with me… hold me closer Tony Danza…

Almost Famous
Music Supervisor: Danny Bramson


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  1. Yet another instance of song placement in a movie…when I begin to love a tune I didn’t care for until seeing/hearing it onscreen. (Didn’t love “Hearing Damage” until I saw/heard it in New Moon.)

    You know this movie is in my top 5 of all time. And while I was raised on Elton (and have seen him before live, twice), I was never a big “Tiny Dancer” fan until this very scene. It’s honestly one of my favorite cinematic moments, ever. The look on their faces…as they all drop their ‘tudes and cease the grudges, and join in singing together…an Elton song, no less. Pure cheese. BRILLIANT.

    And you rock, for posting about it. Duh.

  2. What does “seen him BEFORE live” mean? Lame.

    Clearly, I meant “seen him live.” End of sentence.
    Moving on…

  3. Seriously,…fav part in one of my all time fav movies ever.

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