Favorite TV Syncs – Enjoy the Silence, Vampire Diaries

The other day I began posting about some of my favorite songs used in film and today we start with favorite songs used in TV…

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The Vampire Diaries is one of my new favorite shows this season. Besides having the obvious Vampires (of the non sparkling variety) and lots of hot bods they choose some fab music to help tell their story each week. And this scene sticks out as one of my favorite syncs from the season. What better song to accompany a teenage drug addict from the wrong side of the tracks who just wants to be loved than a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” Though this scene uses a cover by Anberlin which isn’t nearly as dark as the original, it fits Vicki’s teenage rebellion without being too brooding or overwhelming for the scene. I mean they are dancing in their underoos after all.

Music Supervisor: Chris Mollere

Other favorite songs from The Vampire Diaries or your favorite TV shows? Share in the comments…



  1. love that scene (and song) makes me wanna party. even though there’s an elephant on my chest

  2. Dude…
    Using Plumb’s “Cut” during Stefan & Elena’s *big moment* was a definite highlight. Would’ve never thought to use it in that manner, but it worked.

    Also, Mertic’s “Help, I’m Alive’ in the pilot was good stuff.

    • ccm during primetime hour love scenes? YES PLEASE. sign me up. rockin it chris!

  3. Um…that band is also known as “METRIC.”
    (It’s hard to comment from a BB. That’s what she said.)

  4. Do you ever watch Chuck? Great music ALWAYS. Bon Iver, Frightened Rabbit, etc. Good times had by all.

    Nice blog, btw. I like it!

    • hi danyeal! howd to find my blog?

      also i hear lots of good things about chuck AND zachary levi, i will have to check it out. after all bon iver in anything is good times.

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