Favorite Film Syncs – Part 2: Monster

My brother (a film editor) tells a great story about how the Director of Monster, Patty Jenkins, came to speak at AFI about this film and how even though they knew it would be next to impossible to get an ok from Steve Perry they went ahead and cut this scene including “Don’t Stop Believing” because it was the song they wanted and couldn’t see any other song fitting in as perfectly as this Journey classic.

Of course this was well before the hay day of this song being featured in everything from The Hills to major sporting events to Glee and it took calling Steve Perry multiple times and giving him a private screening of the film before he ok-ed the inclusion of the song. Some day if I ever get to meet Steve Perry I’ll give him a high five for not only being a big part of my high school experience (yes, while other kids were bumping rap, we were cruising the lot blasting Journey) but for being part of Journey and offering up their music to some of the best scenes in film and tv.

Charlize Theron almost unrecognizable as serial killer Aileen couples skates with Christina Ricci (Selby) to Don’t Stop Believing. My only complaint? The scene and the music didn’t last long enough.

Music Supervisor: Howard Paar



  1. I was raised on Journey…my dad strums “Wheel in the Sky” better than Neal Schon.

    But if I got to meet Steve Perry, the only thing I’d ask him is, “Dude–WHY did you get all finger pointy and whiny on your Behind the Scenes special on VH-!?” Cause that has always bothered me. Seriously.

    But I love him. Even his solo work.

  2. Leigh Anne, you are EXACTLY right-he def looked like the problem in the Behind the Music story, I remember thinking the same thing…His version of things was so off.
    BTW, I dont think “sherry” (his solo joint) gets enough love…

    • they need to air that again on VH1… i wonder if i can find it online.

      and i love sherry. someone should use that beat or hook in a hip hop song.

  3. Nik, you forgot the part where when the director came up to talk, there was this short dude with long hair next to her that looked a lot like Steve Perry! Ha. It was actually him.

    • aw yes, the best part of the story! STEVE himself!! too bad he wasnt wearing the acid washed denim and little jacket a la the video

  4. I must mention that BT’s score for this film is AMAZING and also that this scene is about 50 times less hot than it should be

    • hhhahaa its hard to be hot when you’re wearing high waisted acid washed jeans and your hair is a femme mullet

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