A Milli remixes… Lil Wayne and ???

It all started when my pal Geoff sent me this mix of A Milli and the Reading Rainbow theme song

And a new obsession was born. Reminiscent of my Miley Cyrus “Party In the USA” mashup fascination of winter 2010… this just may be my new obsession. Mash ups and remixes of Lil Wayne’s A Milli

A Milli Paper Planes

with MIA’s Paper Planes

Viva La Milli

I didn’t really care for the Viva La Vida album by Coldplay but this might be my favorite mash up I found of this song thus far…

I also found a Jonas Brother Milli mashup but I’ll save you from that one this time.



  1. this seems great. i pushed play on one of the vids you tweeted but had JUST been listening to mumford & sons and couldn’t’ go there. that’s like switching from champy to miller lite. not a good idea

    • yea defs NOT the same thing… this is when youre in the mood to bust a groove and booty dance! hahaha not ponder the amazingness of the banjoy

  2. I totally wanna watch Reading Rainbow now…
    and maybe some Electric Company, as well.

    Now, if someone will mash this one up, I’ll probably pee my britches.

    • the electric company!!

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