A Milli remixes… Lil Wayne and ???

It all started when my pal Geoff sent me this mix of A Milli and the Reading Rainbow theme song

And a new obsession was born. Reminiscent of my Miley Cyrus “Party In the USA” mashup fascination of winter 2010… this just may be my new obsession. Mash ups and remixes of Lil Wayne’s A Milli

A Milli Paper Planes

with MIA’s Paper Planes

Viva La Milli

I didn’t really care for the Viva La Vida album by Coldplay but this might be my favorite mash up I found of this song thus far…

I also found a Jonas Brother Milli mashup but I’ll save you from that one this time.


Let’s have some Fun. Shall we?!

What happens when you throw together The Format, Anathallo, and SteelTrain? Well you get my musical wet dream but also you get Fun. Yup, Fun. with a period cause that’s serious fun and all. When I heard that dudes from some of my favorites bands (The Format and Anathallo) were going to be collab-ing I jumped for joy because The Format is probably one of the most under appreciated bands ever and well, they hailed from Arizona so I gotta rep my homestate.

I’d hate to do this but I’d pretty much call them (led by Nate Ruess’ redonkulous vocals) the second coming of Queen. For reals.

Listen to some cuts from their album “Aim and Ignite”:

All the pretty girls

Follow the cut for even more Fun.
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A Friday “happy” for you… Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee

My roomate likes to call little gifts “happy’s” and so I’m adopting that term… here’s a little friday “happy” from me to you…


From: Bullion’s Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee

A mash up of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds with J Dilla’s “Slum Village”

God Only Knows…

Listen to some more Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee after the cut
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