You’ve got a Sweet Disposition

Yesterday I was catching up on the So You Think You Can Dance finale and during one of their “look back at the season” montages they used The Temper Traps “Sweet Disposition.” That made me quite happy. While a lot of shows leave me unimpressed with their music selections this got me really excited. They seem to really nail it about 75% of the time when they pair the music with the choreography… and especially on the preroll packages like this one.

Check out The Temper Traps album “Conditions” if you have already…

Used on: the So You Think You Can Dance finale
Credit: IMDB is a bit iffy on this music dept folks, sorry!

Any other SYTYCD music favorites?


Favorite syncs part 1

Let’s talk favorite syncs in movies today…

Besides this being my favorite. movie. ever. Almost Famous also contains one of the best syncs ever with the inclusion of Elton John’s Tiny Dancer on the tour bus the morning after Russell quits the band, crashes a midwestern house party, trips on acid and is inevitably picked up by the band the next morning. It was the perfect song and the perfect moment to bring the band and the band aids back together after a near break up. Now sing along with me… hold me closer Tony Danza…

Almost Famous
Music Supervisor: Danny Bramson


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Going to: Billboard Film and TV Music Conference!!

So folks through the power of the interwebs and a good pal there’s been a big break in my quest to learn more/break into this music supervision game. I will be attending the Billboard Film and TV Music conference at the Beverly Hotel tomorrow and Friday!!

Some highlights:
Thursday, October 29th

10-10:45am                          Soundtrack Case Study: The Twilight Saga: New Moon
12:15-1:15pm                      Conversation with Director Chris Weitz and Composer Alexandre Deplat, The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Friday, October 30th

9:30-10:30 am                     Anatomy of a Film Score: Fame
10:30-11:30am                    Anatomy of Fox’s Glee with Lea Michele
12:30-1:15pm                      Collaborators: The Music from HBO’s True Blood
2:30-3:30pm                       KEYNOTE Q&A with Mary J. Blige

Holy crap folks, we’re talking heavy hitters and people at the top of their game!This is a quick post since I just found out but wanted to let you know what’s going on and that I will be trying my hardest to meet some great folks and learn as much as I can!

Some little diddies to tide you over…

Opening credits/theme song for True Blood. The amazing “Bad Things” by Jace Everett
Music Supervisor: Gary Calamar

Bon Iver and St Vincent collab off the New Moon Soundtrack: “Roslyn”
Music Supervisor: Alexandra Patsavas, Chop Shop

One of the reasons I originally tuned into Glee the first time was because of this cover of “Don’t Stop Believing” (from my beloved Journey) that was featured in the commercials.
Music Supervisor: PJ Bloom

Can’t wait for tomorrow and Friday!

Thom Yorke

Going to see Thom Yorke at the Orpheum tonight in LA and thought I’d drop a couple of Radiohead songs used in movies…

Talk Show Host used in Romeo and Juliet
Music Supervisor: Laura Ziffren Wasserman

15 Step from the closing credits of Twilight (actual scene)
Music Supervisor: Alexandra Patsavas

Everything in it’s Place from Vanilla Sky
Music Supervisor: Danny Bramson

Do you have a favorite Radiohead/Thom Yorke song used in Film/TV/Commercials?

The Why’s

recordplayer-polaSo, why did I start this blog?

I’ll attempt to condense the why’s down from a multi year quest to just a few paragraphs… Over 3 years ago I moved here to LA with the hopes of being in the music industry. I graduated college with a music business degree, spent a semester living in an artist colony in Martha’s Vineyard and knew I was meant to be apart of music in some way, shape or form. During this time I became deeply enamored with the use of music in film and TV by watching such shows as The OC, Felicity, Sex and the City, and countless others. Finding this love only confirmed my desire to pursue music as my career after graduation. But of course graduating college means being confronted with the payment of the college loans it took to realize this calling, so I moved home to Arizona for what would end up being a 2 year stint before I was finally able to move to LA. During this time I fanned the flame of my love for music in film and television by watching countless hours of shows like Grey’s Anatomy and films like Almost Famous on a near constant repeat. I loved the way in which a song could be used to heighten the emotion of the scene and in some cases set the tone completely. One song can completely make or break a scene to me and I was fascinated with the choices Music Supervisors were making and wanted to be apart of it.

televisionslidetv2-2-polaThose 2 years ticked by as I saved money, listened to music and spent days making mixes for friends and myself based on current events in their lives or ideas I imposed on myself. The obligatory rainy day, party time, so mad I could spit, mixes? Check, check and mother ‘effin check! But what about the song you choose when a friend’s heart is aching because a family member passed? What’s on the track listing of a “this is the worst year of my life” mix? Or what songs do you choose when you’ve been asked to pick the music for your own grandfather’s funeral?

film-reel-polaAs trivial as they may seem, I took to each one with gusto and reverence because I knew as small as they were to an outsider, they were important to me and to the audience I intended them for. And I knew, while sitting there in the room I grew up in and that little desk, wishing like hell I lived in a “major music city” that someday I would. Someday I would find music that was meant for TV and film. Someday, someone out there would want ME to choose music for their project. And mostly, I knew that someday I would realize that dream.

Welcome to that journey.

In the beginning

Hello and welcome to the blog I’ve been wanting to start for forever. Like for. ever. I finally bit the bullet and chose this name from a list about a mile long in my idea book to just get it started and because well, I enjoy plaid.  I’ll explain more in upcoming posts about the reasoning behind all this but I really just wanted to talk about music and how it’s used in film, television and commercials and how I someday I hope to be apart of that kind of decision making.

Welcome to this wild ride!

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