Remember Me Soundtrack – Crank up that college radio station

Robert Pattinson’s latest project (sans Vampires) soundtrack was released this week. Since I’m a bit of a vampire fan and uh obviously I write this blog I thought I’d check it out. I was also privy to a screening of the film in November which had only some temp tracks and I couldn’t wait to see what they were going to use in the final cut of the movie. I knew if Alex Patsavas and Chop Shop were attached we’d end up with something pretty awesome, as if their usual M.O. And I think for the most part the soundtrack for Remember Me is no different minus a few tracks I could have left off just from personal taste alone.

Most of this music and these bands were popular in the late 90s early 00s when this movie takes place. Which made me really have to dig to find these songs on the interwebs to share, so listen to the video or open the link in a new window to listen. BUUUTTT I gotta say some of these are kinda painful to listen to because they’re so perfect for that time frame while others make me want to hug my ipod because of the memories. Ya win some, ya lose some right?

So let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Alien Lover – Luscious Jackson

The lyrics seem appropriate as they’re pretty alien to each other for a while. All I can picture when I listen to this is college dorm rooms in the late 90s which I guess is pretty much perfect for this movie.

2. Play On – Kottonmouth Kings

(Video NSFW)
Kottonmouth Kings, named the “Band of the Year” by “High Times Magazine” I’m sure you can see why after you listen. I can see this being put in the jail scene or maybe walking in the alley before the rumble/fight.

3. Kandles (iTunes link) – National Skyline
This is definitely more in my wheel house, late 90s shoe gaze, dream pop!? Yes, please! And of course this means this song is no where (legal) online that I can link to besides it’s iTunes link. This definitely fits brooding Tyler way more than that rap-rock stuff. Imagine the Tyler riding his bicycle in the rain scene.

4. Soft Shoulder – Ani Difranco

This will probably most definitely be a song for Emilie’s character, Ally. Ani Defrano was like every stereotypical English Lit/Women’s Studies major college girls music, this soundtrack wouldn’t have been complete without it, for reals. It’s too bad there’s no Ally going to Lillith Fair scene, this would have ruled.

Follow the cut, trust me it gets really good. I swear!
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A Milli remixes… Lil Wayne and ???

It all started when my pal Geoff sent me this mix of A Milli and the Reading Rainbow theme song

And a new obsession was born. Reminiscent of my Miley Cyrus “Party In the USA” mashup fascination of winter 2010… this just may be my new obsession. Mash ups and remixes of Lil Wayne’s A Milli

A Milli Paper Planes

with MIA’s Paper Planes

Viva La Milli

I didn’t really care for the Viva La Vida album by Coldplay but this might be my favorite mash up I found of this song thus far…

I also found a Jonas Brother Milli mashup but I’ll save you from that one this time.

Favorite Film Syncs – Part 2: Monster

My brother (a film editor) tells a great story about how the Director of Monster, Patty Jenkins, came to speak at AFI about this film and how even though they knew it would be next to impossible to get an ok from Steve Perry they went ahead and cut this scene including “Don’t Stop Believing” because it was the song they wanted and couldn’t see any other song fitting in as perfectly as this Journey classic.

Of course this was well before the hay day of this song being featured in everything from The Hills to major sporting events to Glee and it took calling Steve Perry multiple times and giving him a private screening of the film before he ok-ed the inclusion of the song. Some day if I ever get to meet Steve Perry I’ll give him a high five for not only being a big part of my high school experience (yes, while other kids were bumping rap, we were cruising the lot blasting Journey) but for being part of Journey and offering up their music to some of the best scenes in film and tv.

Charlize Theron almost unrecognizable as serial killer Aileen couples skates with Christina Ricci (Selby) to Don’t Stop Believing. My only complaint? The scene and the music didn’t last long enough.

Music Supervisor: Howard Paar

Let’s have some Fun. Shall we?!

What happens when you throw together The Format, Anathallo, and SteelTrain? Well you get my musical wet dream but also you get Fun. Yup, Fun. with a period cause that’s serious fun and all. When I heard that dudes from some of my favorites bands (The Format and Anathallo) were going to be collab-ing I jumped for joy because The Format is probably one of the most under appreciated bands ever and well, they hailed from Arizona so I gotta rep my homestate.

I’d hate to do this but I’d pretty much call them (led by Nate Ruess’ redonkulous vocals) the second coming of Queen. For reals.

Listen to some cuts from their album “Aim and Ignite”:

All the pretty girls

Follow the cut for even more Fun.
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A Friday “happy” for you… Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee

My roomate likes to call little gifts “happy’s” and so I’m adopting that term… here’s a little friday “happy” from me to you…


From: Bullion’s Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee

A mash up of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds with J Dilla’s “Slum Village”

God Only Knows…

Listen to some more Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee after the cut
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Alice in Wonderland tracklist for Soundtrack released: sighs heard everywhere

What’s that sound I hear? Yup, that’s the sound of the interwebs being underwhelmed by the new Alice in Wonderland tracklisting that was released today. They’ve titled it “Almost Alice” which makes me hope this is really one of those “music inspired by…” type collections instead of music they’re actually using in the film. I did some google-ing and IMDB-ing and can’t seem to locate the music supervisor on this so we can’t get a feel for the work he/she has previously done but here it is…Feast your eyes on the tracklisting…

1. “Alice (Underground)” performed by Avril Lavigne
2. “The Poison” performed by The All-American Rejects
3. “The Technicolor Phase” performed by Owl City
4. “Her Name Is Alice” performed by Shinedown
5. “Painting Flowers” performed by All Time Low
6. “Where’s My Angel” performed by Metro Station
7. “Strange” performed by Tokio Hotel and Kerli
8. “Follow Me Down” performed by 3OH!3 featuring Neon Hitch
9. “Very Good Advice” performed by Robert Smith
10. “In Transit” performed by Mark Hoppus with Pete Wentz
11. “Welcome to Mystery” performed by Plain White T’s
12. “Tea Party” performed by Kerli
13. “The Lobster Quadrille” performed by Franz Ferdinand
14. “Running Out of Time” performed by Motion City Soundtrack
15. “Fell Down a Hole” performed by Wolfmother
16. “White Rabbit” performed by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
The album, which is being called Almost Alice, will be in stores in March 2nd, while a video for the soundtrack’s first single, “Alice (Underground)” by Avril Lavigne,” is due in early February.

No, you have not gone blind you did read the names: Avril Lavigne, 3Oh!3 and SHINEDOWN on that list. I’ve gotta say I’m quite beyond surprised. What could have been a perfect opportunity to harness some of the buzz the movie already had and artists clamoring to get on blockbuster soundtracks these days by pulling a “Twilight: New Moon” and asking amazing artists to submit exclusive work was instead squandered on what seems to be a soundtrack made for the Hot Topic crowd. But it is a Tim Burton flick after all, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

I’ll be interested to hear the tracks from Wolfmother and Robert Smith, but as for the rest… only March 2nd will tell. Maybe it’s too obvious but the whole Alice storyline seems ripe for some trippy, trance-y, more computer-y based electronic music like Frankmusik or Dan Deacon or Passion Pit (hello “sleepyhead!”) to keep it playful or even go into that Radiohead sound instead of this Top 40 rock that seems to be the m.o. for “Almost Alice”

Read the rest of the depressing exclusive press release over on MySpace

Music Supervisor: ???

Looking forward to any of this? Do you know who the music sup is? Who else is as pumped as I am that Crispin Glover is in Alice?

Favorite TV Syncs – Enjoy the Silence, Vampire Diaries

The other day I began posting about some of my favorite songs used in film and today we start with favorite songs used in TV…

Vodpod videos no longer available.
(youtube link)

The Vampire Diaries is one of my new favorite shows this season. Besides having the obvious Vampires (of the non sparkling variety) and lots of hot bods they choose some fab music to help tell their story each week. And this scene sticks out as one of my favorite syncs from the season. What better song to accompany a teenage drug addict from the wrong side of the tracks who just wants to be loved than a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” Though this scene uses a cover by Anberlin which isn’t nearly as dark as the original, it fits Vicki’s teenage rebellion without being too brooding or overwhelming for the scene. I mean they are dancing in their underoos after all.

Music Supervisor: Chris Mollere

Other favorite songs from The Vampire Diaries or your favorite TV shows? Share in the comments…

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